Are they diamond rings?
No. All of our rings are made of sterling silver 925 and the stones used are AAA cubic zirconium. All of our rings are also platinum plated. 

Will the rings turn my fingers blue?
No, they won't! The silver will not fade. Sterling silver 925 is very easy to maintain. Exposition to water is fine but avoid any contacts with chemical products, perfumes or chlorine. 

Can i shower with my ring(s)?
Contact with water is fine, but avoid any chemical products or oxidising properties (for example the chlorine in the pool). 

How can i know my ring size?
To know your ring size, you can consult out page

Is it possible to return it if it doesn't fit?
Yes! You have 15 days after you receive your order to exchange/return a product. Please consult our Refund Policy for more. 

Do you have international shipping?
Yes we do!